gifts of signs!

As I am driving to my daughter’s volleyball tournament one early Sunday morning I begin to shift into a calm and place of ease.  I had about a 2-hour drive.  This drive was amazing.  It was full of signs and guidance for me. I am writing about what I saw so that I can encourage you as well to look for signs.  Signs that the universe has your back.  Signs that are there to guide you.  Signs to keep you connected with the universe at all times.  The more we are connected, the more healing and aligned with our path we become.  As I am driving south on I-5.  I begin to see this massive crack of light bursting through the sky.  It is bursting through in another dimension.  It is like someone is opening the curtain to a massive bursting of light.  It is amazing.  I can’t help but think that it is happening to me as well somewhere in my body. Afterall, we are the earth.  After this I start to see a long sequence of signs along the freeway.  It was like Divine was waking me up with the light so I could be shown some things.  Here are the amazing signs and messages I received all in sequence within about 2 minutes.  Try this yourself sometime! 

Live limitless

Thank you

Truth be Told


Life looks beautiful on you

Become who you were made to be

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