Heart is Home

Healing Heart-Ache and Freeing Heart Essence

September 11-12th, 2022

Are you ready to release some or all of the protection and let your heart radiate and literally glow?

Heartache, heart pain, heart broken…all these experiences can lead one to create a strong protective barrier around the heart.  This protection blocks your path, your abundance of love and the healing force within you. 

Within the heart is your story, your soul, your life path untold and maybe unbeknownst to you.  The heart is the seat of the soul. The home of homes. Where life blossoms from. Endless possibilities lie here. If you are looking to capture the right place for healing, this is it. We will touch into this precious place and shift any blocks or protection to a garden of aroma and beauty. No more fear, no more holding back, just a welcoming into the world like never before.  

In this healing circle we will be working with the heart.  We will be opening the door to our souls path and life work.  We will be calling in our lessons and tests and examining the obstacles and trauma loopings currently blocking freedom, love and abundance.  

HEALING CIRCLE GOAL:  Freeing the abundance of love within the high-heart


  1. Understand what the high heart is and the potential held within it to share the story of your soul and your life journey ahead.  
  2. Triggers? We all have them.  Our choice is to turn away from them or move through them.  In this circle we will be calling in triggers, tests, learnings.  We will be looking at a current trigger and how moving through it will yield abundance.
  3. Essence, intuition, and guidance. What are these and what is their significance in healing work? Learn the importance of intention and how this will yield abundance and the path you were meant to travel.
  4. Awaken your healing hands!  Learn a technique for opening and accessing the sacredness of your hands and breathing through them to support healing for yourself and others.

We will spend the first hour of each day learning, and then we will be working with each other in the role of healer and healee for the remainder of each day. 

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