Awakening to the Ascension Pathway through the Heart


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Are you ready to travel the Ascension Pathway to freedom, light, love and encounter your greatness?

It is in your soul. You can ascend to the highest of light with desire and patience. I can show you the way. Work with me and let me show you the way to your own greatness. I have gems of information that will enhance your light and awareness of how truly special you are. Step into magnificent and see the world through a new lens. I know how and can teach you. I have patience and all the time you need to step into something wonderful.
This introductory workshop is all about getting on the ascension pathway to freedom, light and love. The heart is home, the home of your essence, the place where Divine resides within you and from which you can learn how to expand its breath and depth. We will dive deep into the essence of your heart for it here is that YOUR story, your soul, your life path untold and maybe unbeknownst to you, can be found. You will learn all about the heart chakra and its magnificent power to align you with all that you need. Because you see,

ALL that you need to heal, is within you.

In addition to learning all about the heart, I will share some of the gems I have learned that can assist you in clearing what one might call trauma, blocks, or darker energy…the energy that seems to keep coming back no matter how many times you may seem to clear it. These gems include, shifting out of duality and into neutrality, leveraging the supreme power of forgiveness of self and others to support release of unhealthy relationships, the importance of a unwavering desire to heal and learn, seeing the world through the Divine lens, embracing into the spine and its connection to your past and its thirst for fire, the importance of our earth star and sun star in connecting heaven and earth, the powerful central channel and its fire to bring your desires into fruition, and lastly, the 4 elements that make up who you are and why you need them for healing. In addition to learning about these gems, you can expect meditations to awaken the light and love within you and transcend you to other realms for healing.

Bozeman, Montana: March 30-April 1, 2023


Healing Workshop in Bozeman

  1. Home. Home is the high heart and your essence. It holds the story of your soul and your life journey ahead. It is the Divine within you. From here you have all you need to heal yourself.
  2. Bears Lunch. Do the same triggers or lessons keep showing up for you? Do you allow unknowingly let others use your life force energy, in other words are you the bears lunch? I was, and I can show you how to let go of this pattern. It is all about forgiveness, neutrality and believe it or not, appreciation. These are powerful gems that can change the trajectory of your life and open up space to bring in exactly what you want.
  3. Help is on the way. One of my favorite topics. Ask and you shall receive. Really. Let me show you how. This is the best kept secret!!!
  4. Only light. Science has proven the existence of scalar waves and their healing qualities. Let’s learn what these are and how to use them to support healing for yourself and others as well as some ways to call in protection.
  5. The signs of admiration. The Universe loves you dearly. There are signs everywhere of its support and guidance for you. Let’s look at some examples and hear some amazing stories of how the universe let’s you know you are loved.
  6. Dirt can satisfy your hunger, the sun can warm the tenderness of the soul, and the central channel will connect you with heaven and earth. When you really need to settle out of fear and pain, the ground is the place to go. Let’s do some mediations that help you land in the safety of the earth and satisfy the hunger of your cells and tissues. We will learn all about the earth star and the sun star and how these two allow you to connect heaven and earth.
  7. Fire, Air, Earth, Water. This is you. This is what you are made of. Find what you are lacking and call it in to support healing.
  8. Duality vs Neutrality. You are an essence of Divine. This is your gateway to freedom and healing. In duality we stay stuck, we stay trapped in the dilemmas of the physical world. Let me help you find neutrality and remain there with greater and greater confidence. I would also like to help you see yourself through the lens of your holiness.


Thursday: 7-8:00pm, welcome and evening ceremony
Friday: 9:00-4:00
Saturday: 9:00-2:00

Who is the workshop for?
Each workshop is for about 8-12 people in the field of healing and service of the healing of the world that share a similar goal….shifting out of pain and suffering and ascending to freedom, light, and love. In these healing groups we will leverage the 4 keys to supporting healing: Essence, Universal Support, Heart, and Intention.

Who is this workshop For?
Anyone who has a demonstrated commitment and passion for healing, a desire for freedom from pain, and desires to travel the ascension path.

What is included in the workshop?
We will spend 2 days together immersed in healing meditations, education and experiential experiences designed to ignite the fire within and expose you to learning beyond what you imagine is possible.

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