Finding Voice


Remove the blocks, soften the flow, open the cords, and let the bird sing.

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Did you grow up in one of those families where everyone freely expressed themselves?

Did you hang out with family and friends that allowed you to speak your truth with confidence and clarity?

Chances are if you experienced developmental trauma, you may not have enjoyed these amazing freedoms of being human!

Are you ready to embrace these freedoms?

Healing Circle Overview:

In this healing circle, we will be working with the energy center and home of the throat, neck, teeth, ears, and thyroid gland.  Touching into the thyroid is like touching into the long-stored feelings of expression. Expression of untold loves, fears, screams, and hurts. Remove the blocks, soften the flow, open the cords, and let the bird sing. Freedom of voice of expression, the longing for the expression of love through our words as they penetrate the air around us. Their vibration hurting or softening those or anything around us. We chose the vibration. Holding them within deadens them or builds them up like a volcano waiting to burst. Let us soften the tones and free your spirit

Healing Circle Objectives:

1. Understand what the throat chakra is (thyroid gland, vocal cords, jaw, teeth, ears) and how trauma can get trapped here.

2. Gain a closer look at split-off parts: what are they, how they get trapped in the structures of the body, and how to release them. 

3. Virtues. Learn what they are and how to use them to to support healing. Learn why and how one would bring in a virtue in a healing session. 

We will spend the first hour of each day learning and we will be working with each other in the role of healer and healee for the remainder of each day. 

A wonderful opportunity to continue your own healing work in a safe small circle.

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