Heart is Home


Freeing the Heart and Awakening Life Path

Are you ready to release some or all of the protection and let your heart radiate and literally glow?

Heartache, heart pain, heart broken…all these experiences can lead one to create a strong protective barrier around the heart. This protection blocks your path, your abundance of love and the healing force within you that radiates out like the sun.

Healing Ceremonies: Healing Hands, Sacred Lands
East Bay San Francisco, CA: December 2nd-3rd 2022

Within the heart is your story, your soul, your life path untold and maybe unbeknownst to you. The heart is the seat of the soul. The home of homes. Where life blossoms from. Endless possibilities lie here. If you are looking to capture the right place for healing, this is it. We will touch into this precious place and shift any blocks or protection to a garden of aroma and beauty. No more fear, no more holding back, just a welcoming into the world like never before.
In this healing circle we will be learning all about the heart, your essence, universal and personal scalar healing waves, how to connect with the support and guidance of the universe. We will be asking for any life lessons that need integrating so that trauma looping can cease. Lastly, we will begin to see how freeing the heart begins to open the door to our souls path and life work.

What are From the Heart Healing Circles?

Healing circles are a cohesive group of about 8-12 people that share a similar goal….healing and shifting into freedom. In each healing group we will dive deeper into the awareness of one of the chakra energy systems of our physical being. For those of you who have an understanding of trauma and the endocrine system, you will find this work a wonderful compliment because each chakra relates to each one of the endocrine glands! In these healing groups we will leverage the 4 keys to supporting healing: Essence, Universal Support, Heart, and Intention.

Who are the Healing Circles For?

Anyone who has a demonstrated commitment and passion for healing from trauma, a desire for freedom from pain, and wants to be on their path and fulfilling their mission in this life.

How do the Healing Circles work?

We will spend 2 days together immersed in the clearing and healing of trauma. The size of these groups will be limited to support the deepening of healing and relationships. The day will start with a heart opening meditation and an educational piece to expand your work to new levels. The educational pieces will be focused around a specific chakra energy center and the glands and organs associated with this center. Next, we will be sharing our intention around the group to support each person’s emergence and freeing of essence. From here we will work one at a time in the role of healer and healee. In our work together we will be learning and practicing how to listen for guidance. All members of the group will be receiving the healing support at the same time the healee is receiving the support…..this is the power of healing in a group and why these 2 days will really be all about healing.

Heart is Home HEALING CIRCLE GOAL:  Freeing the abundance of love within the high-heart


  1. Understand what the high heart is and the potential held within it to share the story of your soul and your life journey ahead.
  2. Triggers and lessons? We all have them. Our choice is to turn away from them or move through them. In this circle we will be calling in triggers, tests, learnings. We will be looking at a current trigger or lesson and how moving through it will yield abundance.
  3. Essence. This is the safe heaven within you. From here you have the ability to heal yourself. Let me share with you how to locate your essence and sense into this peaceful place for you to rest and be held in the universal love.
  4. Universal support and guidance. Support is around you all the time. You can ask for it anytime. Learn what this support is and how to tap into it. This is the best kept secret!!!
  5. Intention: Intention brings what we want into our lives, the good and perhaps the not so good. Clear intention and thus clear thoughts will help the universe bring exactly what you need in the right timing. Let’s share ways that you have noticed this in your personal life to help strengthen the ways in which you ask for support.
  6. Scalar waves. Science has proven the existence of scalar waves and their healing qualities. Let’s get to learn what these are and how to use them to support healing for yourself and others.


Thursday Evening:
7-9:00pm Healing Circle
Meditation: Awaken Your Healing Hands
Program overview and agenda
Education: Chakra overview, heart, high heart and essence.

9:00-12:00 Meditation: A Gifting From the Universe
Education: Connecting with universal guidance/support, scalar waves, setting intention, lessons
Healing circle work
12:00: Lunch break
1:00-4:00 Healing Circle Work

9:00-1:00 Meditation: Grounding With Your Toes!, Healing circle work and closing

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