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There comes a time when what you have is not enough. When what you thought you desired is no longer what you desire. That old headache is still there, and you would like it to be gone. But you realize that something different needs to happen for it to go away. I am here to tell you, that you can have all that you desire. But you must follow the path of the wise and the elders who can guide you. Let loose of the reins that trap you and find your heart’s desire in the path. You can break free here and begin the journey of a lifetime.


I will hold your hand and guide you to your path and why you came into this life. It wasn’t to make pies; it was to prosper and live in delight from the heart. The pie of the ancient wisdom. There comes a time in our lives that we just know that things need to be different. That the path we are on needs to change.

Shifting out of pain and suffering has to be a decision one makes. A desire so monumental that one is willing to take the steps needed for a change. A change that will change the trajectory of your life. We have all that you need here in this coursework to set you on the path to eternal healing and prosperity. I know the path, I have traveled it and know it well. I am your guide to freedom. Take my hand and let me walk you through the tunnels, trials and tribulations. You will not regret it. Freedom is what is at stake and your life is all you have to make the change. A word to the wise, this is a special time, and you can have all that you desire. I hope you will take the chance to bring goodness into your life. You deserve it.

This 6-week course is enough to crack the shell to get you out of grid lock. To inspire you to something different. to know that there could be more than you can imagine in this world. Take the step. Work the work. Find love.

As a reminder, The Ascension path I have created for you is in 3 parts:

  1. Illuminate your Light
  2. Awakening Essence
  3. Ascension to Higher Vibration + Light

If you are just starting with me, your first step is Illuminate Your Light. This is a 6-week course that meets 3 days per week for 1 hour each of the 3 days. This course is packed with all the educational materials you will need to align yourself with the ascension path. In addition to the educational material you will receive, each week you will participate in:
(1) Safe and Sound Protocol session (these are typically $150-$200/session)
(1) Hypnosis/mediation session
(1) Q&A to review educational materials and to check in about any changes you are experiencing.

Ready to Register: Choose which month you would like to start and let’s get going. Your healing will effect countless others and this will yield a new life on this earth full of joy and radiance. I have limited each class to 8 people. Some will have 8, others smaller groups. Those who join you will be the people you are to learn and heal with.

Course Overview: Illuminate Your Light

Goal: to journey on the ascension pathway for the purpose of healing your soul and aligning your life with Divine.
Components: This workshop will include all the basics you will need to set you on the path: educational material as well as (6) Safe and Sound Protocol sessions to assist in the clearing of trauma and open for the flow of life force energy. You will also receive mediations and hypnosis to help you delve into the deeper levels of consciousness.

Overview of Illuminate Your Light: In this workshop we will opening your vision to the world of healing. Not just healing from trauma, but seeing the foundation you set for yourself on the path of wisdom gathering and freedom to life everlasting. It is a journey we will travel together and I will be your guide along with the champions of course who are here for your ascension process. Your champions, or guides, have rallied to get you to this place and this website, now lets begin the journey. I can hardly wait. And by the way there is no waiting, once you start this course, the journey will take you far and wide and to places you have never dreamed of but wanted to visit when you returned to this life. Stepping into life is stepping into you. Knowing who you are and what makes you tick. Let’s leave the material world of 3D behind and find out really why you are here on this planet earth. A life beyond lives. In this course we will enlighten you to some topics that will help awaken a part of you that has been asleep for a long time. This will ignite your fire and passion for something different.

Here are the topics that will set you on course. I will include fun pop quizzes to reinforce what is important and to shed some skins along the way. Chanting will be most helpful as will listening to the written word of the holy gospel. Each section will include a few symbols to help you recognize yourself and an ignition to open up new passageways. Enjoy yourself and this journey of a lifetime.

  • Develop a routine. An absolute must to shift into a new way of life.
  • Decide, will this journey be your path or Divines and follow the 7 keys for staying on the ascension path.
  • Get to know your chakra energy system and the central channel.
  • Get to know your Guides! A subject dear to my heart. How to connect with them. You have many, you are so special.
  • Identify your desire. A necessity. This powerful statement will help you stay on track.
  • Learn the importance of connecting heaven and earth by way of your earth star and sun star.
  • Master clearing from the inside out: the ultimate way to have boundaries without shutting people out.
  • Learn about what I call pesties and hitchhikers, they only want one thing, your life force energy.
  • Embrace your power, will, authority.
  • Navigate the stickiness of shame.
  • Awaken to happy and the squirrels!
  • The secret to success lies in mastering the lessons, learnings and the gifts of progression.
  • Deepen your connection with self and your soul parts.
  • Learn one of the most powerful tools for healing, forgiveness, especially of the self.
  • Learn how to master neutrality and being an observer. This is the only way to end duality and live in freedom.
  • Ignite your fire, compassion and endless love.
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