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Welcome dear one. 

I am so grateful you are here.  I am so grateful you found me, and I can hardly wait to meet you.  On this page you will find several resources to help you on your journey from pain and suffering to lightness of being, freedom, and love. I have been writing about my life personal journey for years.  Probably since the age of about 12.  I believe this is how I managed to get through some pretty difficult times- some of those times in great darkness.  I didn’t know it at the time, but Divine and my Guides were always there with me. It was through my journaling that I believe they worked through me, guiding me to grow, learn, heal and surrender to the light. If you have landed on this page, know that you were guided here.  Most of what I have to share has been channeled and is here for your support and to help awaken and guide you to your path of love, light and ascension.  We have all been challenged to grow and surrender in countless ways.  Now is the time to step through the gate to prosperity.  I can lead you; I know the way. 

With much love, Kathleen Love


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